Anna Maria College logo


For over 70 years, Anna Maria College has offered a highly personalized, liberal arts education from its location in Paxton, MA.


In 2017, Anna Maria realized that it was time to refresh their look from a traditional seal and crest to a mark that represented all that the college had attained. They had attempted a similar refresh several years before, but it had fallen flat and lacked a connection to the depth and history of the institution and what it offers to its students.


AMC’s new logo takes cues from the elements of the historical Anna Maria seal, but focuses solely on the college motto of Light and Truth and the open book and torch. Adjusting the orientation of the book and placing the torch within allows the mark to be seen in multiple ways: the book as rays of light itself, with the light emanating from within; the flame references the holy spirit; the torch could simply be a source of light, but also can reflect the teamwork and collaboration of a relay. This mark still leans on the historical symbols of the motto but reflects the current student body—one that is well educated and prepared to solve modern problems in an agile, active way.